Meet The Black Cards Team!

Three brands, one vision. The Black Card Company is the concept from three micro greeting card brands who are black female owned.  These 4 entrepreneurs felt galvanised to address the lack of diversity and inclusion in the greeting card industry by creating a multi vendor platform for black card creators like themselves. Established in 2020, The Black Card Company is a UK based online shopping platform for diverse greeting cards, authentically represented by diverse brands, for a multi-cultural customer base.

S.E.N.T to help you...


Director of The Black Card Company

Siobhan is a web designer by profession and also the co-owner of straight talking greeting cards brand Streetgreets. The brand was created to represent and celebrate Black British culture and the language of now! After 4 years in the business, Siobhan is passionate about designing cards with authentic representation.


Director of The Black Card Company

Elise is the owner of the prolific and empowering greeting card brand Cinnamon & Brown, which is featured on this platform. Elise wanted to create contemporary Afrocentric greeting cards that represent the urban diasporah. The Black Card Company is Elise's brain child, her passion for creativity and ideas is the reason it exists today!


Customer Relations - The Black Card Company

Naomi is the voice of reason and sound decisions and boasts over 15 years in customer service.  A well needed anchor of rationale for the team! Naomi is co-owner of greeting card brand Streetgreets, which was created to represent Black British culture and language and is featured on this platform.


Director of The Black Card Company

Tanya is the owner of the beautiful handmade greeting card brand Colourshot, which is showcased on this platform. After seeing a lack of representation for African inspired cards Tanya created greeting cards with diverse silhouettes adorned with striking African fabrics. Tanya is passionate about diverse representation.

Why the Black Card Company ?

We live in a diverse society but the greeting card industry simply does not reflect this.  The significant gap in the market for diverse cards and the demand for them hasn’t been filled until now!  The Black Card Company marries supply with demand.  We connect customers and their loved ones, who want to be seen and represented – with diverse brands who can authentically represent them.  A match made in heaven!

Black card brands in particular, have historically had difficulty gaining access to the mainstream greeting card industry.  This, along with the fact that black businesses often have less resources, funding or the infrastructure of other communities means they deserve extra support.  The Black Card Company represents under-represented black card brands. – we celebrate and support their creativity and cultural expression.  We aim to amplify the visibility of black owned brands so they can be seen and appreciated by a wider audience.

The Black Card Company – A place where diversity is celebrated!