Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Black Card Company?

The Black Card Company is an online shopping platform for diverse greeting cards by multiple brands!

Each brand is responsible for and owns their own shop on the platform.  Each brand has their own terms and conditions and sells their products independently. 

We host almost 50 Black-owned greeting card brands, with an array of amazing designs.

Will all my items arrive at the same time?

Answer: It depends

As we are an online shopping platform, items purchased from multiple brands will more than likely arrive within different timescales based on each brand's individual policies. 

For shipping enquiries please contact the brand directly.

Why are there multiple shipping charges at checkout?

As we are an online shopping platform hosting multiple brands, each brand has set their own prices for postage and packing.

I have a special request. Who do I contact?

Answer: The Seller

If you have a special request e.g personalisation, bespoke designs, large orders etc...please contact your favourite  brand(s) directly by visiting them on our brands page(s).

Why haven't I found what I'm looking for?

Answer: Try Categories and Tags

Sometimes typing in specific terms will not give you the results you expect. If this happens, please use our categories and tags filters to find what you are looking for!

How do I return items?

If you want to return an item please review the returns policy of the brand you bought it from.

Where can I leave a review?

If you would like to leave us a review, email us at

Or you can leave a review directly on the brand pages of your faves!